Everyone wants hair that is beautiful and healthy, especially at the temples. Environmental factors and even genetics can work against this. There are some tips to help a person get better-looking hair and give them more confidence. This is especially true if you are a women who is dealing with hair loss at the temples. The thin hair at temples in females is one of the most common times.

Add Protein

Eating a balanced diet is not just good for the body.

It is needed for the health of the hair and the scalp. Hair is from protein so a person should try to eat at least 45 grams of protein a day. Protein is found in lean meats, fish, beans, and eggs. If a person is not getting enough protein in the diet the hair will be weak and brittle. A person may even experience hair loss.

Increase Zinc

If the body is not getting enough zinc this can cause hair to shed. Nuts are high in zinc. If a person starts eating more zinc they will notice that their hair looks better. Zinc is also found in fruits and vegetables. If a person is still low on zinc they can take it in supplement form.

Omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acids can do wonders for the hair. They will help stimulate the hair follicles to grow and they will also activate the sebaceous glands. The scalp will become healthier and this will improve the look and feel of the hair. Omega 3 fatty acids can be taken in supplement form. They are also found in cold water fish and cereals.

Get a Good Shampoo

It is important to find a good shampoo. This can help the hair look good and reduce damage. A person should know if their hair is normal, dry, or oily. If they are not sure they can ask their stylists. They should then look for a shampoo that will address these issues. All natural shampoos are a good option. Sodium lauryl sulfate or ammonium lauryl sulfate are harsh and can further damage the hair. It is also recommended not to shampoo every day. People with oily hair can shampoo every other day. People with dry hair may only need to shampoo once a week.

Get a Good Conditioner

After shampooing conditioner is needed to keep the hair shiny and soft. The conditioner should be right for the hair type and provide what a person needs for healthy hair. The conditioner should be evenly distributed on the hair. It should be allowed to sit on the head for two to three minutes and then washed out. A person may not need to condition every time they shower. When in doubt speak to the hairstylist to find the method that works best.

Washing Tips

People do brush their hair to keep the tangles out. There are some basic rules when it comes to washing a brushing or healthy hair. When washing the hair it is important to use lukewarm water. Too hot or too cold water can lead to damage. Hair snot not be brushed when it is wet. This will lead to breakage. Hair should not be rubbed harshly to dry, this can lead to breakage. When combing the hair a wide-tooth comb can be used. This should be done to remove the tangles.

Drying the Hair

When looking for healthy hair it is important to follow these tips to dry it. When possible allow the hair to air dry. If a hairdryer is used it should be put on the lowest setting. This will help reduce damage.


Daily activities including stress and styling can damage the hair. A person should get their hair cut every 10 to 12 weeks. This will help remove the split ends. It will also keep the hair looking great.

These are some simple ways that a person can get great looking and healthy hair. Daily activities will damage the hair. If a person follows these tips they will notice that their hair is healthier and shinier in no time.