More muscle means greater strength. A person can lift more in a single try. This gives athletes a better chance of winning their matches with improved performance. They can reduce their risk of injury and do more during practice sessions. For regular folks, everyday tasks become a lot easier. They don’t get tired as quickly as they used to. People also desire muscle for aesthetic purposes. It makes them look better in camera and in real life. Those who look good tend to feel better about themselves. It’s all about having the confidence to go out into the world. So how does one build muscle? Start with the following ingredients:


It all begins with stimuli. You will need to force muscle growth by challenging yourself. Heavy lifting will push your body to its limits. It will be painful. You will feel sore for a few days afterward if you did it right. Since it will be difficult to train your whole body in one day, most people will assign certain muscle groups for each day of the week. For example, you might focus on your legs on Monday, your arms on Tuesday, and your core on Wednesdays. Then you can repeat it all again until you have your complete rest on Sunday. Lift heavy such that you can only manage a few reps at a time.


Your current muscle fibers will get micro tears from your resistance training activities. But do not worry because the body will heal itself naturally if you give it enough time to do so. This is all part of the process. The body senses the need for more muscles so it will adapt by building more, especially in the areas were severely taxed. Rest, recovery, and optimum nutrition are all keys to success. Do not overwork your body or else it will not be able to recover properly. Your muscles will continue to break down. This is partly why you must focus one muscle group at a time and not work on everything every single day.


The body can build muscle more readily if there is a high level of testosterone inside the body. We naturally produce this hormone in various levels. Men have a much higher amount than women. That is why they tend to be more muscular. Just a little bit of effort in the gym can produce tremendous results, whereas women need to work much harder for longer to get even half of the muscles. Both genders can benefit from supplements like protein powders and the like. Those who are putting in the effort but not seeing the results they want may consult a doctor or fitness expert for advice. For more information, check out