There are few things as embarrassing in life as having to tell someone that you may have an STD. It doesn’t matter if you are talking to a doctor or spouse. The stigma that comes with having a possible STD is usually worse than having an STD if a person makes it publicly known that they may be infected with something. Even if a person has a sexually transmitted disease that can be cured, they can still have their public life ruined by publicly asking questions about a disease that may lead people to think that they are infected. This is the reason why home STD test kits were invented. Home testing kits eliminate the embarrassment that comes with going somewhere public and taking a test for an STD.

An STD cannot be diagnosed directly at home using a kit, so doctors will still be necessary for diagnoses. Suppliers of home testing kits are connected to physicians and clinics in order to meet this need. A person can use a testing kit at home, mail it where it needs to go, and privately get their results back in the mail or posted to an electronic account when they’re ready.

Taking a test at home is very simple and can be done in a couple of minutes. All that is needed to complete a test is a small sample of blood or urine. The sample is placed inside of the container for holding samples that comes with the testing kit. Tests come with a prepaid envelope that is already addressed where it needs to go.

There are different kinds of STDs that a person can get. Anybody who has an idea of what kind of STD they might have can order a test specifically designed for that STD and save money. If a person doesn’t know what they might have, they will need an all-inclusive STD testing kit and will have to pay extra to have everything tested for. If a person is even the least bit unsure about what STD they might have, the best thing for them to do is order an all-inclusive testing kit instead of guessing at what they might have.